Need a Cost-Effective Building? Try a Pole Barn!

Looking to add to your property? Whether you desire a garage, livestock facility or new dwelling, a post frame structure (or pole barn) is an excellent addition for agricultural, residential and commercial use.

But while building a pole barn might appear on the surface to be an expensive undertaking, both the long-term and short-term costs are substantially less than traditional structures.

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive
One selling point of a post-frame structure is that they require minimal materials. Due to the distance between each wood post, these beams can’t handle as much weight as steel posts. Although it’s necessary to pay for high-quality wood, this advantage in structural engineering means fewer materials and less spend.

Construction times decrease and labor costs lessen as a result. Creating holes and setting posts require minimal effort and is raised in a matter of days. Because of this simplicity, fewer tradespeople are needed to complete the task. Plus, working directly with a post-frame builder like us means you won’t have to pay big fees for architectural design, as the planning process is just as simple as the rest of the barns.

Low Maintenance
Once built, operating your post-frame structure is a breeze, as keeping a barn in good condition takes little maintenance. Designing both the interior and exterior is easy as well because the structure is very compatible with many features, such as HVAC system, drywall, plumbing and electrical. If your barn wears down over the years, it’s easy to replace a beam here or there as well.

It’s unlikely that a soundly-made barn will succumb to weather emergencies. Posts entrenched deep into the ground are very strong and transfer wind energy downward and away from the walls. If built correctly, your barn will also not collapse in the event of a fire.

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