Don’t Want the Traditional “Barn” Look? Here Are 5 Beautiful Alternatives

To some, the traditional red pole barn is a lovely tribute to times past. To others, it’s an eyesore. Luckily, modern building and construction techniques give owners the ability to design post frame buildings in any manner they want. When you collaborate with the right team of builders, you can achieve a barn that has the look of your dreams. Here are five original design ideas to get the ball rolling on your custom build.

Covered Porch

This simple upgrade can turn a traditional barn into a unique and attractive building. Post frame buildings with covered porches resemble homes more than barns. A porch can be a beautiful and functional addition, offering a shady place to sit or keep animals. Don’t want a full porch? Consider a larger overhang instead. This can give a different look with the same benefits. Top your building off with a decorative cupola, and you’ll achieve a truly custom design.

Shingled Roof

A shingled roof can turn an ugly building into one with class. It can also increase the safety and stability of the structure. Adding shingles can give your building a residential appearance instead of the traditional metal barn roof. No matter what you want your outbuilding to function as, a shingled roof can be a smart and attractive addition.

Vinyl or Wood Siding

Changing your siding can make an enormous difference to a traditional-looking barn. Choose from a variety of beautiful vinyl colors or natural wood to give your building a facelift. The right siding will not only improve your barn’s look, it will also protect it from the elements. Strong, high-quality siding will help prevent leaks and wood damage in storms.

Colorful Exterior

Who says your barn must be red? There are dozens of metal colors on the market, with almost endless ways to mix and match for an individualistic style. Match your post frame building to your home or go for a completely unique color to make it stand out in its own right. Find a company that offers multiple metal colors for true customization.

Stone or Brick Façade

Take your post frame building to the next level with a gorgeous and elegant stone or brick façade. These design elements can make the final project look like an expensive statement piece. A stone or brick wainscot can make all the difference in the appearance of your barn or workspace. Complement your façade with designer garage doors and elegant windows. With the right company, your custom building can get as creative as you wish.