Decorating your barn for Christmas

The weather has been mild here in the Indiana and Michigan so now is the time to decorate the outside of your pole barn, garage, or house. There is nothing like trying to untangle the lights in below freezing temperatures.  What is needed to make your decoration process go smoothly?

Materials Needed:

  • Outdoor lights                                  
  • Heavy Duty extension cord
  • Timer                                                   
  • Command hooks/Light clips                                                                        
  • Ladder                                                 
  • Helper (for moral support)

How to go from this :

To this:

Step 1: Have a plan

In order to have the merriest house on the block, there must be planning otherwise your house will look like the Grinch has been at work.

  • Pick a center point- whether it’s a door, column or center window
  • Measure to see how many strands of lights are needed
  • Check for power sources and make sure your selected cords reach before you climb that ladder!











Step 2: Check your lights

                Safety first!

  • Use UL approved OUTDOOR extension cords. Do not use an indoor cord. They are not made for the elements and could short.
  • Look for frayed or damaged strands
  • Match the lights – LED has a bluish white tint while Incandescent have a yellowish glow
  • Have light clips or 3M Command hooks even have an outdoor lighting set
  • White or color lights – color on the roof, white around the windows- all white- all color-whatever you prefer!

Step 3: Testing

  • Test them BEFORE you hang them
  • Attach light clips or hooks then hang the lights
  • Incandescent strands can link 3 to 6 typically, LED can link up to 25

 Step 4: Up they go

  • Light clips work on gutters or shingles
  • Be sure the lights are going the same direction
  • Use your helper to hold the ladder as you start hanging the lights

Step 5: Set your timer

  • ENJOY throughout the Christmas season