Your End of Summer Home Exterior Checklist

Maintenance is important to sustaining your home’s value. Simple tasks will preserve the look and quality of your home and give you a sense of pride and accomplishment in your investment. Add these items to your end of summer maintenance checklist to make your home shine throughout the year.

Inspect Your Exterior Siding
The sweltering summer temperatures can wreak havoc on your exterior siding. Now is the time to check for signs of wear and tear – look for fading, peeling paint or holes in siding, and cracks in wooden shakes or door frames.

Clean Your Gutters
September and October usually bring their fair share of rainfall and leaves. Take steps to ensure your gutters will be able to keep up. Inspect and clean your gutters to ensure proper drainage. As summer turns into fall, check your gutters for leaf or debris blockage. Plugged gutters can lead to mold, roof damage, and even interior damage if you don’t tend to it regularly.

Protect Your Deck
Your deck has likely entertained a lot of company and foot traffic this summer, and now it’s time to repay the favor. Seal your deck with a special stain after removing debris and scrubbing until the deck’s sparkling clean. This will help it weather the winter and ensure it will be ready for entertaining guests as soon as spring arrives again next year.

Inspect Your Roof
Take a pair of binoculars and assess your roof for potential signs of damage. Do you notice any buckling, curling, or sagging shingles? Take care to replace any weak spots before winter begins. The longer you leave roof problems, the worse they get, and they might even necessitate replacement.

Check Weather Stripping and Caulk
Walk around your exterior windows and look for cracked caulk or frayed weather stripping. Repair as necessary to experience increased energy efficiency and lower energy bills. This is such a simple step, but people often neglect it as part of their home exterior maintenance.

Consider New Siding
If your siding is old, cracked, or showing signs of wear and tear, consider replacement. Replacing your siding will increase your home’s value and your curb appeal. End of summer is also the perfect time to consider it since the busy season is ending for construction, siding, and remodeling companies.

Don’t neglect your home’s exterior maintenance. Complete these tasks to preserve your home’s value and create an exterior you’ll love coming home to! Have questions about your home’s exterior or siding maintenance? Please contact us.