Using Smart Tech to Keep Barn Animals Healthy and Happy

Many livestock owners build post frame buildings for business purposes. Maintaining livestock such as cattle, sheep, horses, and other farm animals requires specialized buildings, and post frame structures like pole barns are often ideal solutions. However, it’s vital for livestock owners and farm managers to keep close tabs on the health and safety of their animals. Not only can oversights lead to disastrous consequences with governing agencies, they can also result in severe health issues for animals.

Thanks to advancements in agricultural technology, smart tech is helping livestock owners and farmers oversee their buildings more efficiently. Not only is this more cost-effective and profitable for farmers, it also creates a more acceptable living space for the animals on the property.

Climate Control

Farm owners can keep a close eye on humidity levels, temperature, air quality, and other climate metrics from a tablet or smartphone. Real-time monitoring technology helps farmers identify issues with air circulation or HVAC systems as soon as they happen. This helps safeguard the animals inside from respiratory problems, infectious diseases, and exposure to hazardous molds. It also helps prevent small issues in a structure’s climate control system from becoming significant and can help you avoid costly repairs.

Most post frame buildings like pole barns have large fans to recirculate air, exhaust fans to let stale, dirty air out of the space, and various other appliances to help maintain a healthy environment for the animals kept inside. Smart technology allows livestock owners to adjust the climate control from almost anywhere.

Precision Management

Livestock owners make the most money and are most successful when they have healthy, happy animals. Smart technology affords livestock owners various advantages for helping protect their investments and keeping animals secure and comfortable in their living space. For example, farm owners can install security cameras in the livestock’s living space and access the feed from anywhere with a connection. It’s even possible to link to an audio system, intercom, and door and window controls remotely. Animal tracking tech allows livestock owners to recognize changes in animals’ behavior or medical status very quickly as well.

Post frame structures are some of the most reliable buildings livestock owners can purchase, and now it’s easier than ever to customize them with cutting-edge technology. Agriculture is a critical staple of the economy, and farm owners can keep close tabs on their investments with smart systems.