How To Know If Your Deck Needs Replaced

Spring has sprung, and we’re now entering the best months to enjoy your deck. Here are a few signs that it might be time to replace your deck from Milmar Pole Barns and Construction.

Dry Rot – If your deck has a few years to it, it’s not uncommon to experience wood rot. How does this happen? Exterior wood, compared to wood inside your home, lives in harsh elements. Rot is accelerated when warmth, moisture, and oxygen combine with microscopic fungus spores. You’ll notice symptoms of dry rot when you see decaying timber, concentrated spore dust, or gray strands on timber. Plus, if your deck smells damp and musty you know a problem exists. Fixing dry rot is nearly impossible. Your best strategy is to start fresh.

Shaky Hand Railings and Wobbly Deck Boards – Neither of these issues are telltales signs your deck will collapse into itself, but they certainly are safety hazards that need addressing. Fixing nails and replacing wood planks isn’t enough. Creating a new foundation will ensure these dangers stay away.

Check Your Ledger Boards and Flashing – A ledger board is the most critical part of any deck. The board reinforces your joists and secures the deck to your house while providing support to the structure’s integrity. At the edge of this board should be flashing to prevent water from leaking into your home’s exterior and molding. If you sense the board has been compromised or if you don’t have existing ledger flashing, it’s imperative to replace the board and install a metal or plastic lip to stop leaks before the deck falls off your house!

Sagging Frame – Your eyes are the best weapons in detecting when it’s time to for a deck replacement. If you notice sagging wood at the base, your deck becomes susceptible to termites. These tiny yet damaging insects will make their way from their home in the ground to the wood and progress the decaying process.

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