Barn Checklist: Simple Steps to Get Ready for Spring

Barn ownership is a lot more fun in warm weather. But after a freezing cold winter, any barn owner knows they’re in for a great deal of work to ensure everything is in working order. Failure to take precautionary measures, especially if you own an agricultural barn, can leave your structure susceptible to a wide array of problems. Here’s a barn checklist to ensure your’s is good to go for spring and summer.

Gutters – Cleaning out your barn’s gutters are critical in keeping rainwater away from it’s exterior. Clogs in the gutter system can cause water to overflow and pool by the base of your barn, which becomes a magnet for termites and other intruders that can damage your barn long term.

Inspect Your Roof for Leaks – While your up there, take a bit of time and check on your barn’s roof. If you see any faulty shingles, it’s critical to patch those up – especially if you house animals in your barn. Holes for insects and precipitation can breed an unhealthy environment in your barn.

Check for Faulty Wiring – If your barn has electricity, be sure to check connections for exposed wiring. Rodents such as mice make their home in barns and blindly feast on anything in their way. And if an exposed wire is on the menu – a fire isn’t far behind.

Service Any Vehicles – Starting any stowed-away vehicles that have been sitting idle for a few months can be a dangerous proposition. Check critical components like oil, gas, air filter, battery, and make sure you prime the engine before starting. Failure to take these measures could lead to more expensive problems.

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