Animal Anomalies: Crazy Facts About Barn Animals – Part II

As a builder of agricultural pole barns, we at Milmar know a thing or two about animals. But we had no idea about some of these crazy facts about common barn creatures. Here is Part II of our Did You know? Animals Series!


  • Were likely the very first animal to be domesticated some 11,000. While the idea of a pet goat might seem foreign to many, in fact, it represented a major shift in human history as our race turned from hunter-gathers to a farm-based civilization.
  • Have four stomachs and rectangular pupils.
  • Milk from goats is far more popular worldwide than cow’s milk. The same goes for meat.
  • We owe our collective coffee addiction to goats. In Ethiopian lore, goats were supposedly found frolicking with extra muster after eating berries of the coffee shrub. When the herder tried it and felt a jolt, the act of coffee drinking was born.
  • Have different accents when bleating.


  • There are over 25 billion chickens in the world comprised of dozens of breeds.
  • Can distinguish over 100 different faces of people and animals.
  • A mother hen works very hard with her eggs turning them roughly 50 times per day.
  • Over the course of their lifetimes, excrement from chickens produces electricity to run a 100 watt light bulb for nearly five hours.
  • Have more bones in their necks than giraffes.
  • The color of eggs is strictly dependent on the color of its ear lobes. Red lobes mean brown eggs, and white lobes mean white eggs.
  • Like human hair, chickens lose feathers when stressed.


  • Are biblically popular, being mentioned in the King James Bible over 200 times – more than any other animals. That number balloons to nearly 500 when you include lambs, rams, ewes.
  • The ancient Egyptians mummified sheep, and the British Museum has many of these artifacts in their collection.
  • Had a rough night drinking in Mongolia? The best way to cure your hangover is to eat a pickled sheep’s eye and chase it with a glass of tomato juice. Tasty!

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