6 Ways to Add Square Footage to Your Home

Many homeowners love where they live but need more living space to enjoy their properties. A well-designed remodeling project can provide the square footage and style needed for comfortable living.

Consider some of the most popular ways homeowners add square footage to existing homes:

  1. Screened-in porches. Expand your living and dining areas with a new screened-in porch. A semi-protected space creates flow between indoor and outdoor living spaces for summertime enjoyment. Keep the bugs at bay, enjoy a gentle breeze, and listen to the sounds of crickets and frogs well into the night with a custom screened-in porch that perfectly matches the style of your existing home. Add a fireplace or hot tub in the area for year-round enjoyment.
  2. Sunrooms. Screened-in porches don’t offer much protection from seasonal changes. Homeowners searching for an indoor-only solution may prefer a sunroom as a way to expand indoor living spaces. These natural-light filled spaces are perfect for hobbies, reading, and socializing with friends and family members. Consider a sunroom to add an indoor dining or living space around your existing living spaces.
  3. Garage additions and expansions. Many homeowners need an expanded area for a small shop and equipment protection. Expanding or creating a garage can increase the amount of space needed to store vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, tools, and more. Free up storage space inside your home with a garage project designed to declutter and organize. Create a climate-controlled area in all or part of the garage to get more use from the garage space.
  4. Bedrooms. Growing families often feel compelled to move to gain more living space. If your property allows, consider a remodeling project that adds bedrooms to your existing home. Match the architectural style of your existing home while adding valuable room for children, visitors, and extended family stays.
  5. Guest cottages. If you like your home the way it is and require more space, consider adding a small guest cottage on your property. Use it as a flex-space for living, working, and playing around your home. With a complementary design, the cottage will look like an extension of your home and add valuable square footage without altering the existing design.
  6. Basement finishing and remodeling. Get more from your basement with a complete remodeling project. Turn the area into additional bedrooms, a second living space, a playroom, or a flexible space with full insulation, HVAC, and finishing. You don’t always need to build out to gain more usable space in your home.

At MilMar Post Buildings & Construction, many of our clients come to us with residential requests for more room. A room addition or remodeling project can add dozens of usable square feet to your home for a better living experience and an increased home value. Our team can help you find the right way to gain more space in your home. Ask us about our residential remodeling work today.